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At first glance, bathroom furniture looks all the same. You will notice fundamental differences if you look inside, during installation, or during use. Given the amount of investment, it pays to dedicate the time and examine the furniture in detail.


Read how Le bon furniture looks in detail and what components it is equipped with

The outer surface are either lacquered, made of natural veneer, glass or compact laminate. If desired, we can deliver the furniture in any shade according to the RAL or NCS.

Glass surfaces are in white as a standard, but they can be delivered in any RAL shade. The glass has a unique satin surface with easy maintenance, on which fingerprints do not stick.

If you prefer wood, you can choose from many types of natural veneer. Take a look at the examples.


The tops under washbasins are made of waterproof materials - glass, Corian, compact laminate or lacquered metal sheets. We know that you want to spend your free time differently than cleaning and wiping the water from the furniture in the bathroom.

The only compromise to water resistance is made to solid oak tops. You need to take care of them regularly but you will enjoy the unique structure and the surface that is pleasant to the touch and ages naturally.

Read more about Le bon wooden furniture on our blog:


In addition, the MOOD and VIPP collections boast of so-called bevelled joints. This means that the visible parts of the furniture are connected at an angle of 45 degrees. Bevelled joints demand high accuracy during production and are a sign of excellently crafted furniture.


When you open Le bon furniture, you will see thin drawers in wooden decor, assembled by hand. Most of Le bon bathroom furniture has various boxes and drawers inside so that all small things are neatly stored.

Durable Blum and Hettich drawer slides are easy to adjust.

Each shelf inside Le bon bathroom furniture is steadily fixed.

During installation, you will appreciate the robust hinges, which are easy to adjust so that the furniture can be mounted more easily.

The furniture is delivered fully assembled. An exception are the colections composed of individual segments. During installation, the individual cabinets need to be hung side by side on the wall and supplemented with a cover plate and side panels. This solution is very convenient: Smaller pieces are easier and safer to handle.

Watch the assembly video tutorial:


Le bon

Le bon bathroom furniture is one of the best you can have in your bathroom. We really enjoy furnishing bathrooms and we believe that you can tell this from our products. No bathroom is too small for us.

We love simplicity with noticeable details… We are minimalists obsessed with detail.

Come and get acquainted with Le bon bathroom furniture to our showroom in Brno.


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