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Do you like wood? We at Le Bon do, and that's why we often work with it. We perceive wood as a valuable material, from which unique furniture is always created.

Wood has many forms. We are happy to introduce them to you on our furniture so that you can orient yourself better.

For table tops and countertops, we often use wood in its basic form - thick oak planks from the central part of the trunk, with a unique structure. With such a board you will have a piece of nature at home. The imperfections on the surface will tell you the story of a particular oak tree. You can feel the positive energy with each touch. However, such solid wood table top is not liked by everyone due to knots and cracks that can form on the surface. Anyway, we consider it beautiful.

Solid wood works. It may bend or twist due to climatic changes. It is not the fault of wood, but its natural property. In order to eliminate this feature to a certain extent, we can use so-called solid wood panels for the production of furniture. It is a panel made of smaller solid boards. Choosing the furniture made os solid wood panels you will get dimensionally stable solid wood at home.

The most common natural material for furniture production is veneer. It is a thinly sliced ​​tree trunk. The veneer is about 1 mm thick and is glued to the supporting base. Veneered furniture is therefore affordable. Another great advantage of veneer is the possibility to choose from a wide range of woods, shades and structures.


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