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Vanity unit or separate top with countertop washbasin is a bathroom´s dominant and without doubt i tis the most important item of bathroom furniture.

The requirements differ by each individual and no universal solution exists for different needs.

You have to find balance between your idea, technical properties and price.




DuPont ™ Corian® is an extremely versatile material with absolutely ideal bathroom properties. We are certified processors of this material and thanks to our experience we can provide relevant advice with the use of Corian in the interior.


Corian not only looks elegant, but is highly resistant to bumps and scratches. It is a flexible, pleasant to the touch material that cannot be broken off. Corian is not as hard as a stone.


Corian® is a non-porous, homogeneous and highly hygienic material in its entire thickness. Its smooth surface does not allow the penetration of liquids and is 100% waterproof. Thanks to its chemical resistance, it is easy to maintain and you can easily wipe off any nail polish or aftershave from it. In addition, it does not support the growth of bacteria or fungi. When Corian® looks clean, you can bet it is really clean.


Surfaces made of Corian® material are renewable by polishing and thus environmentally friendly. Corian® is perfectly repairable, even repeatedly. With little effort, the surface can be restored to its original state.


We like Corian® most for its huge range of use. The material can be joined without visible joints and allows you to create essentially endless surfaces. Corian® washbasins, towel holders or cosmetic tables can be integrated into the top without seamlessly.

We highly recommend CORIAN® for the washbasin tops.


Take a look at the bathroom furniture collections that offers integrated Corian® washbasins:



Ceramic washbasin tops are a relatively unconventional material. However, its popularity is still growing both among designers and customers.

The material is made of finely ground clay materials, quartz, feldspar and porcelain clay. These are compressed under high pressure and baked at temperatures up to 1200 degrees high. The entire production process is highly sophisticated and expensive.

Thanks to digital printing on the surface of ceramic boards, it is possible to achieve images ofvarious types of natural stones unrecognizable from the original.

By using ceramics (even on vertical visible surfaces) it is possible to create original, very elegant and durable bathroom furniture with the following properties:

+ High scratch resistance

+ Non-porous, and therefore almost non-absorbent surface; it almost eliminates the formation of stains

+ Easy maintenance and cleaning

+ High UV resistance; does not lose colour

+ Resistance to cleaning agents and chemicals

+ Large range of colours and decors

- High price due to expensive production process and material processing

- Limits in cut-outs and formats


We do not currently offer any bathroom furniture with a ceramic top. However, Forever vanity units can be combined with ceramic plate.



Using a steelplate as the top for bathroom furniture is a novel idea. We were drawn to this by the urge of ​​creating a washbasin top as thin as possible. At first it was a design experiment: we made a custom made vanity unit with a very subtle 3 mm thick top. The result was great, so we decided to include the steelplate among the standard materials of the Forever collection.

The steelplate can be lacquered by any RAL shade.

Steelplate processing requires experience and craftsmanship. Maybe that's why most manufacturers of bathroom furniture completely ignore it.

In our opinion, the steelplate as a material for eashbasin tops deserves more attention.

See for yourself:



We can hardly find any drawbacks of the glass top. We have the best experience with it for a long time.

Glass meets high hygienic requirements and thanks to the most modern glass processing technologies, it has great strength and hardness. We also use glass on kitchen worktops.

Glass in the bathroom? Definitely yes. Glass is 100% waterproof, non-absorbent, very elegant, has a luxurious impression and is very easy to maintain. We use satin glass with a matt surface, which is pleasant to the touch and fingerprints do not stick to it.

The glasstop can be lacquered any RAL colour shade, so you can match it with the rest of bathroom furnishings.

Glass is the choice with the best value for money.

We highly recommend the glass top for the bathroom.

Look at Le bon bathroom furniture with glass top (VIPP | FOREVER | DREAM TOP).



Natural stone is a beautiful natural material. It is definitely suitable for washbasin tops. Natural stone will provide you with exceptional resistance to mechanical damage and add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Natural stone has worse properties than ceramics for user comfort. Especially in light shades, undesirable discoloration can occur after contact with, for example, nail polish or aftershave. Natural stone has poorer chemical resistance than ceramics, and stains from unsuitable cleaning agents or even wine may appear on the surface.


We do not currently offer any bathroom furniture with a ceramic top. However, Forever vanity units can be combined with 20mm stone top.



Artificial or technical stone is made by more than 90% of natural materials, which are combined with high-quality resin and complemented by color pigments.

By choosing this material, you eliminate the flaws of natural stone to a certain extent. You will especially appreciate the low water absorption and lower maintenance requirements.

Even the technical stone is not yet in Le bon standard offer. However, Forever vanity units can be combined with 20mm technical stone top.


We cordially invite you to our showroom, where you can see the furniture made in various types of materials.


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