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Vanity unit or separate top with countertop washbasin is a bathroom´s dominant and without doubt i tis the most important item of bathroom furniture.

The requirements differ by each individual and no universal solution exists for different needs.

You have to find balance between your idea, technical properties and price.

In this article we introduce the common materials for washbasin tops, while adding our experience and images of bathroom furniture we make so that you can clearly identify your priorities when furnishing your bathroom.

Let´s go.

We are Le bon design and we have been producing the bathroom furniture for more than 25 years.

We make technically perfect furniture thanks to deep expertise and experience and therefore we are able to provide relevant opinion on materials used for the production of furniture.






Wood is a traditional material with a lot of great properties and definitely belongs in the bathroom. The solid wood requires regular maintenance, but it will reward you with coziness and unique appearance.

Natural wood ages well and over time may show signs of use, which we do not perceive as a minus. On the contrary, a pleasant original patina gives an original homely look.

We at Le Bon impregnate solid wood surfaces with the wax oil. It penetrates into the depth of the material and thus protects it.

We recommend the solid wood top under the washbasin.


Solid wood can change its shape. It may bend or twist due to climatic conditions. It is not the fault of wood, but its natural property. In order to eliminate this feature to a certain extent, we can use a so-called solid wood panel for the production of furniture. It is a board glued from smaller solid wood planks. With the furniture made of solid wood panel, you will get solid wood which is stable in shape.

See the gallery of Le bon solid wood bathroom furniture. (FOREVER and MOOD collections):


Boards from the central part of the oak trunk with an irregular edge. Each board is a little different, with a different edge, depending on the environment in which the oak grew. In its structure, you can read about the history of the tree, how much moisture it had and how fast it grew, or you can see how the activity of birds and game was reflected on the wood.

See the gallery of Le bon solid wood tops with raw edge (Le bon speciality):



The most common wooden material for furniture production is veneer. It is a thinly sliced ​​tree trunk. The veneer is about 1 mm thick and is pressed onto a supporting plate (usually MDF or chipboard).

The furniture made of veneer is dimensionally stable and affordable.

Another great advantage of the veneer is wide range of wood species, shades and structures.

Le bon furniture is produced in these types of natural veneer:

However, we do not recommend or use the natural veneer as a material for washbasins tops

Veneer is a porous material into which moisture can penetrate over time despite impregnation. This leads to expansion of the support base and irreversible damage of the veneer surface.

We recommend veneer for the front surfaces of bathroom furniture.



HPL (High Pressure Laminate)

The production of HPL always takes place in a stationary press, where the layers of material together with the resin are compressed at high temperature and pressure. This will burn and join all the layers of material. The result is a 0.6 mm - 2 mm thick laminate, which is glued to the supporting PLATE (plywood, MDF, chipboard, blockboard ...).

HPL is characterized by significant advantages, including high resistance to water, dirt or even high temperature. It is also abrasion-resistant, puncture-resistant, colour-stable, dimensionally stable and offers a wide range of decors.

HPL is an ideal material for washbasin tops and fronts.


It is essentially the same material as HPL, but has a greater thickness. It is created by simply layering the core until a separate plate is formed (common thickness of compact plates is 2 mm - 30 mm).

Compact laminate offers a very good price-quality ratio.

We recommend choosing both HPL and compact laminate for washbasins top.

Le bon bathroom furniture with HPL or compact laminate tops (FOREVER, CHIC, MOOD and VIPP collections):



Many people do not distinguish between the terms laminate and melamin. Yet, the difference is fundamental.

You can read about the laminate properties in the text above.

Melamin is a much better known material, but definitely not of better quality. On the contrary. Laminated boards are made of very thin decorative paper (about 0.1 mm) pressed on chipboard.

The price of the production of laminated boards itself is very low and therefore it is the domain of cheap furniture. Of course, the low price has a negative impact on quality, i.e. on its useful properties. They are not very resistant to moisture and mechanical, thermal or chemical damage.

As a result, the melamin is not a suitable material for a bathroom top. Due to small abrasions, which can be caused by everyday use and especially by the edges, moisture penetrates into the core of the board, resulting in rapid degradation of the supporting material.

We do not strongly recommend the melamin as a material for washbasin tops.

We at Le Bon do not use the melamin for visible furniture surfaces at all. This also applies to kitchens, tables or wardrobes. Melamin furniture has a short life and we think it looks "cheap." Our goal is to create an inspiring environment through furniture in which every detail has its meaning and function.


We cordially invite you to our showroom, where you can see the furniture made of many types of valuable and resistant materials.


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