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We have already made a lot of kitchens at Le bon, and finally, it was our turn. We were attracted by the dark kitchen and wanted to try something that we hadn't tried before. We combined the vertical grooves for tall cabinets made of black-stained natural oak veneer with a worktop made of Corian® material in the color Ash Concrete. In the end, we covered the front surfaces of the lower cabinets with Corian. This resulted in a monolithic "concrete" block with an integrated sink.


"The final design of the kitchen matured for a long time, and after deliberation, the simplest one finally won. The generosity of the kitchen lies in the materials used and perfect details, not in the complexity of the solution. We couldn't be more pleased with the result."

design by René Novák Le bon design


The fronts of the lower cabinets hide a sophisticated and practical internal layout. Operation in the kitchen will be facilitated by a corner cabinet that allows you to slide out each shelf separately or the electric opening of a drawer with a waste basket. Thanks to a gentle tap on the front of the drawer with your knee or the tip of your foot, the drawer with baskets open easily. Ideal when your hands are full or dirty.

The doors of the upper cabinets are made of oak slats and the interior lighting creates a pleasant play of lights.


We add colors to the monochromatic kitchen with large-format Tecnografica wallpaper. Thanks to the special surface finish, the wallpaper is waterproof and could be placed behind the worktop.


In our opinion, the BORA with an integrated extractor is the best solution you can have in your kitchen. That's why it's not missing in ours either.

The BORA X BO oven matches perfectly with tall cabinets. In the off-state, only the solid black glass plate is visible.

As we love to cook, we knew what we wanted from the new kitchen. Sufficient work space, perfect lighting, or even a wider sink. According to our experience, the materials used are durable and do not require much maintenance.



Spojte se s námi a společně vytvoříme neobyčejný interiér.




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