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In the relatively small kitchen area you will find a lot of details, typical of Le bon, which will make your time in the kitchen more pleasant:

The subtle metal construction provides lighting for the worktop and provides generous space for dishes, decorations and flowers.

A wooden beam optically separates the kitchen from the living room. Notice the small drawer and the niche with the electrical outlet. Charged mobile phones are tidy and yet at hand. The water-resistant box above the sink is ideal for growing of herbs.

The sliding door on the outside of the island does not need any space when opened.

The sink is seamlessly integrated into Corian worktop. As Corian is not as hard as glass or stone, the sink has a durable stainless steel bottom.

The furniture is complemented by a BORA extractor hood, a reliable Miele oven, a small wine cellar and a Liebherr fridge with a biofresh zone, which keeps the vegetables fresh for much longer than a conventional fridge .


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