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You may know that we strongly recommend Bora cooktop extractors for every new kitchen. However, this solution has not been for everyone, as the cooktop extractorsneeded to fit into 90cm cabinet.

We are happy to announce that the new Bora S PURE cooktop extractor fundamentally changes the rules of the game:

S PURE fits into a regular 60 cm wide cabinet.

This revolutionary model brings the same comfort of clean air without odour and grease to a smaller kitchen.

Do you have a kitchen that does not need to change, except for a malfunctioning hood extractor?

Just replace the worktop and fit the new S PURE cooktop extractor.

Do you have a small kitchen?

S PURE occupies only 20 cm in height, i.e. the upper drawer. The remaining 2 drawers can be fully used.

No odours and grease anymore

The S PURE extractor eliminates not only odours (air recirculation or exhaust), but also all the grease that normally settles on dishes, walls and shelves… We are sure you know what are we talking about.

What a silence

As the engine is located under the cooktop, not at ear height, even at maximum power, you can only hear the air flow and you can chat with your family of friends while cooking.

The asymmetrical position of the extractor allows the composition of different cooking zones. There is enough space for large pots and for small moca teapot or mini pan.

This smallest BORA S PURE model will be available from spring 2022.

Order now, the demand will be great.

Do you want to consult the most suitable model for you? Write to Klára.


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