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Noblesní luxusní kuchyn zelena lebon design

We are pleased to present a unique kitchen that combines the spirit of history with modern design. It is designed for an apartment in a historical building in the heart of Brno. This kitchen brings not only functionality to the space but also a unique aestetic experience.

The author of the design is the architect Kateřina Horych from Atel!er studio, with whom we have been working for a long time. We are glad we could participate in this beautiful project.


"My intention when designing the kitchen was to create a kind of inconspicuous, flowing grey-green chameleon in a classic space, from which I borrowed several historical compositional elements – strict symmetry, plasticity and accentuation of the outer parts, just as it is used by architecture from the time of the building itself. However, by using the latest modern technologies, such as induction with integrated extraction in the hob, a glass worktop or a sliding door hiding the oven, the kitchen is completely contemporary and meets the highest demands for cooking in one shared space with the living room."
Ing. arch. Kateřina Horych


One of the most striking elements of this kitchen is the grey-green shade of lacquer, which appears both on the furniture and on the walls. The fresh and modern tone is enhanced by structured surfaces.

The lower doors form elegant frames with vertical grooves, while the upper narrow cabinets are complemented by glass doors with a wavy effect. This combination of structures and colours creates a harmonious complex that pleases the eye and gives the kitchen a unique character.

Na pracovní desce a zadním obkladu je použité sklo. Sklo je velmi odolný a snadno udržovatelný materiál a skvěle doplňuje celkový design kuchyně. Skleněná pracovní deska a obklad ve stejném odstínu jako nábytek působí moderně a sofistikovaně.

Glass is used on the worktop and back panel. Glass is a very durable and easy-to-maintain material and perfectly complements the design of the kitchen. The glass worktop and cladding in the same shade as the furniture look modern and sophisticated.

The integrated BORA S PURE extractor perfectly captures all odours and grease during cooking.

Noblesní luxusní kuchyn zelena lebon design

The soft pastel shade of the furniture and walls contrasts with the gold on the handles, lights and faucet.

Are you wondering why there is no oven? The oven is not visible at first glance. It is hidden behind a door that can be inserted into the side of a tall cabinet.


This apartment hides many other delicacies, which we will present to you little by little.

Look forward to a shower with soft pink tiles or a wall of a toilet covered with a mirror.

Lebon design






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