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We designed the room for 8-year-old Lola to suit her, even if she grows up.

Under the upholstered headboard bed you will find a pull-out drawer with a mattress for the sleep-over of her friends.

The solid oak work table with drawers is pleasant to the touch. Thanks to the built-in electrical sockets, the box behind the work surface also serves for charging.

As Lola likes to read, she has a library all the way to the ceiling. Exposed soft toys will eventually be replaced by books. Behind the library is a long bench, partially hidden from view from the door, where she can read or just look out the window. There are several spacious drawers under the bench.

Lola is now excited mainly about the large mirror, in a few years she will appreciate the large wardrobe as well.

In the opposite corner of the room, which is not in the photos, there is now space for a doll house, kitchenette and other toys. Later, there may be a dressing table.

The dominant feature of the room is a large Tecnografica wallpaper. There is always something new to be found in this free fantasy world.


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