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Luxusní loft, loftový byt s tapetou Tecnografica a kuchyni na míru

Interior design: Le bon design

Interior production: Le bon design

We present the interior of this Brno loft with particular pleasure.

It takes courage to exchange a functionalist villa with a pool in the countryside for an apartment in the centre of Brno. However, the spacious loft was a challenge for a lifestyle change that will not be repeated.

The owners gave us full confidence during the design process, giving us freedom that also obliged us. Thus, we put everything we consider essential for contemporary comfortable and relaxed living into this interior.

Although fully furnished, the original apartment was not of a satisfactory standard for a family with teenage children who love to cook.

In the end, all that remained of the original furnishings were the walls with admitted wiring, tile floors and doors.

There is plenty of light in the apartment, so we were able to use a darker shade of wood and a colour palette.

We are pleased with how the whole apartment is gradually settling in. The carpets are not only pleasant to the touch, but they also define the different zones in the open space. The greenery is doing exceptionally well here, and as it grows, it changes the atmosphere in the apartment impressively.

"It's a real home where we feel comfortable. There are lots of nooks and crannies in the apartment, there's always something to look at. I'm thrilled with the renovation."

says Tereza, the owner.


Loft is located in the building of a textile factory from 1910. It was completely renovated under the leadership of a group of enthusiasts who bought it together and partially rebuilt it with their own hands. From the outside, it impresses with its golden facade and a roof garden overlooking the landmarks of Brno.

The project has won several awards since its inception. More about the house here:


Kitchen and living room with dining room

The family loves cooking, so the kitchen is the logical centre of the whole apartment.

We consider the practical layout of the kitchen to be just as important as how the kitchen's design contributes to the overall atmosphere of the apartment. That's why the bulk of the storage is open, made of natural walnut veneer and bronze glazing. Interesting pieces of crockery can thus be admired at any time. Everything is illuminated and stands out even in daylight.

Those who follow us regularly can see that we love colour and are not afraid to use it in our interiors. It's a proven fact that nicely matched colours improve mood. What more could you ask for when you get home!

Space for small appliances is behind the retractable panels. The stainless steel worktop refers back to the building's industrial past, but more importantly - it's very practical. This kitchen doesn't lack a Bora cooktop with an extractor, which is much more efficient than any overhead hood. Here it is complemented by a Japanese teppan grill. The unique X BO oven from the same manufacturer is worth mentioning, combining several appliances in one.

The metal structure over the island is the ideal habitat for a green jungle.

A bookcase dominates the open space. The top floors are accessed by a specially designed ladder.

The water area is not just an ordinary aquarium: it is a so-called paludarium, where part of the plants and tree trunks extend beyond the water's surface. This system works very efficiently. The waste produced by the fish serves as fertilizer for the plants.

The wallpaper behind the staircase brings a stylized piece of nature and organic shapes into a strict industrial space.

For the same reason, we designed a round table that comfortably fits 6 people.

The raised platform above the metal stairs, which replaced the original OSB staircase, is a wonderful and often used place to relax overlooking the kitchen.


Room for the boy

The children's rooms are timelessly furnished and have plenty of storage space, making cleaning easier and faster.

The room of Jonas is dominated by a subtle metal structure with a desk and plenty of shelves where he can display his models. In the future, it can be used as a display of items from his travels or sports trophies.


Room for the girl

Agata's room is smaller but with attractive sleeping arrangements in the privacy of the 1st floor and a comfortable upholstered bench under the window.


Bedroom with bathroom

In the bedroom, apart from the bed, which is one of the few things the owners brought over from the previous house, and the chest of drawers, there is only one other piece of furniture that is difficult to overlook - the ladies' boudoir.

In the master bathroom, a cabinet from Le bon Forever range, with a black compact laminate top, has found its place. Tailored to the space, it fills the space from the wall to the shower enclosure. The furniture set is complemented by a simple round mirror on a leather strap.


The study and raised landing

From the study, there is access to the raised landing above the bathroom, used for overnight guests. The landing was originally open on all sides but is now separated from the kitchen and hallway by a furniture wall and glazing. This gives visitors more privacy and ensures that overnight friends of the children do not disturb the rest of the family.


Kids bathroom

We furnished the room with a simple cabinet from Le bon VIPP collection with a glass top and a mirror cabinet. All in natural walnut veneer.


Entrance hall

The originally open entrance area with the study is now separated by a golden wall with a sliding door.



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