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In this family house, we were responsible for the entire interior.

We are happy to show you this new kitchen.

Oak furniture is bordered by a white floor and ceiling. Clean lines and perfect minimalism express the opening of furniture doors without handles, the absence of a ceiling steam extractor and the "flying" table without a base.

The natural oak veneer contrasts nicely with the white glossy lacquer.

Sliding panels

When cooking, the panels can be pushed into the sides to create an additional work surface or a place for small electrical appliances.

It is an ideal solution for a kitchen connected to a living room. You can easily hide operational mess and small appliances by closing the panels.

The space above the work surface is pleasantly free and airy. Instead of a classic ceiling extractor, there is BORA with integrated extractor. BORA takes care of the perfect removal of odors and the capture of all the grease produced during cooking.

"Flying" table

The client's request was quite simple: a dining table without legs. The solution was not so simple. The hidden metal structure had to deal with a significant space limitation in the kitchen island.

Door to the "parent's" area hidden in the kitchen wall

Through one of the doors in the kitchen block you can enter the dressing room, bathroom and bedroom.



Spojte se s námi a společně vytvoříme neobyčejný interiér.




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