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Maison Ořechovka Prague luxury interior grooved furniture kitchen le bon design

We have completed the project Orechovka and will now share photos, details and immediate impressions with you.

We invited Ing. arch. Tereza Janků, the author of the interior design, and asked what the project represented for her and what she had to say about the result.


Maison Ořechovka is a prestigious residential location in Prague. What influence did the high standard of the apartment and the residence itself have on your interior design?

The client contacted me about half a year before taking over the apartment, so the basic standards of the apartment had already been set, so there was no time and space to deal with any changes.

From the beginning, we wanted to create an interior that would be unique and original, and would reflect the location and architecture of the new buildings with its high standard. There, for example, we were specifically inspired by rounded corners and grooves, which are still very trendy at the moment.

The colour of the interior was also determined to a large extent by the mahogany piano, we tried to colour coordinate a few elements with it (wallpaper near the kitchen unit, the carpet) and, on the contrary, suppress the other elements in colour to create a neutral background.

As for the designed materials, we went for proven and high-quality classics – a matt lacquered surface and a black-stained veneer. Custom-made metal shelf structures also play their role, adding lightness and airiness to the interior.

You approached us about the production of furniture for your project. Why Le bon?

As we later found out during consultations, the client and I have bathroom furniture of your brand at home, and we are very satisfied with its quality, and I also personally appreciate the precise solution of details.

I regularly visit exhibitions such as Designblok, where during one of the previous years we got into a conversation with Mrs. Klára Nováková, and there I was interested in the information that Le bon also offers services for the realization of the interior of the entire apartment, not just furniture to the bathrooms.

Given the above, the idea of contacting you was born, as you had our full confidence.

According to your proposal, we produced bent furniture with grooves. Until now, we had experience with the production of panels up to 90 cm high. It turns out that producing 250 cm high panels is a completely different story.

Tell readers why this particular detail and what requirements we had for it?

See the answer to the first question ... this detail appears on both corners of the wardrobe in the hallway, thanks to which the wardrobe not only gained its uniqueness and nobility, but also thanks to the rounded corners it fits much better into the given space. We also have this element on the kitchen island, you can also find the rounded corner on the wooden chest of drawers in the bedroom.

For the closet in the hallway, we demanded from the beginning that the entire corner is at the height of the closet, without horizontal dividers that would create a distracting impression. That is why I am very grateful to Le bon for all the effort, and above all, the courage to undertake such a demanding task.

Klára Nováková Ing.arch. Tereza Janků Le bon design interior

What do you value most about our collaboration and what influence did it have on the final form of the interior.

I appreciate that from the beginning there was total respect for our designs and consistency in terms of quality and production. In short, we got along well when working together. This is always reflected in the result.

Your ideas for improvements were also reflected in the final form - for example, using a Bora cook plate with an integrated extractor instead of a hood embedded in the ceiling, or designing a sliding glass wardrobe door instead of an open one. I personally also appreciate the suggestion of using black stained veneer in the back of the bookcase with the thin metal shelves, it's a beautiful combination.

Are you satisfied with the result?

Working with Le bon was a lucky choice, and it certainly won't be our last collaboration...

Ing. arch. Tereza Janků




Join us and together we will create an extraordinary interior.




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