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Generous open space overlooking the picturesque landscape of Vysocina Highlands.

The owners adressed us at the beginning of the construction phase, so we were able to design the interior according our ideas of ​​modern comfortable living. The space is divided into rooms only optically, by different material used.

A matt gray cement floor and a knotted oak wood is combined with a distinctive burgundy shade.

The kitchen island and the fronts of the cabinets are made of durable deep matt compact laminate with a special nano treatment, thanks to which fingerprints do not stick to the surface. BORA extractor effectively captures all the grease and odours from cooking. Almost any food can be prepared on a stainless steel plate: meat, grilled vegetables or pancakes.

The kitchen leads to a spacious pantry, hidden behind a sliding door. The dining table is made of the central part of an old oak trunk on a stable metal base. The dividing wall in the hall and the cladding behind the TV are made of solid oak slats. The work table is inconspicuous, anchored directly to the wall.

We designed furniture from the NEXT collection as an ideal solution in the bathrooms. Solid oak and glass countertops are supplemented by old frame mirrors.

This interior is the result of excellent cooperation with the client, who was not afraid to use bold colours and unusual solutions and did not even hesitate to replace the already installed building elements.

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