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The flat is situated in a listed town house from the late 19 th century close to the city centre. The house has been beautifully refurbished under the supervision of A77 ARCHITEKTI architect studio. The newly restored housing boasts high-quality standard furnishings and materials. The open-plan room includes a fitted kitchen with a statement cooking island made of Corian®. The kitchen contains a part which can be closed off, which will make the whole room look tidy even if visitors surprise you in the middle of cooking. Considering the fact that the kitchen is part of an open- plan living room, it was necessary to address the issue of cooking odours and vapours. Choosing a high-quality Bora cooktop with integrated extractor proved to be an answer to this problem. An oakwood dining table made from a single piece of wood is another statement piece within the living space. The table has retained rawness and irregularity, which gives it uniqueness and elegance of a natural element.

Owing to the fact that storage is scarce throughout the flat, the master bedroom was designed in the shape of a massive fitted wardrobe which contains a oak-panelled niche with a bed. The second bedroom follows a similar design solution, but a statement olive-green wall lends it a distinctive look. A bed with a rattan headboard is complemented with oak tree stump bedside tables.

The project successfully dealt with even the most minute detail thank to the spirit of creative collaboration and mutual trust between the investor and us.


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