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Having not one, but several built-in wardrobes is no longer unusual these days. Such a wardrobe saves us so much space that we are willing to pay for it more than for a classical wardrobe. The built-in wardrobe is always made to measure for the given space and we can thus precisely adapt the storage space to our needs.

See the originality of the built-in Le bon wardrobes.


The most distinctive element of the built-in wardrobes by Le bon are the handles. You can choose from several options. The first are the so-called milled handles. They raise the wardrobe to an object that will definitely not escape anyone's attention. Another option, on the other hand, are simple leather loops that encourage anyone who passes by to touch. The third option is a perfect classic - handmade handles made of solid oak. Not only are they pleasant to the touch, but their surface is carefully impregnated with oil so that the structure of the wood stands out beautifully. And why did we focus on the handles? We are simply convinced that beauty lies in detail.

Freedom of choice

One of the advantages of built-in Le bon wardrobes is that we design them exactly according to your wishes. We have already mentioned different types of handles, but it is important to say that the doors, handles and internal arrangement of our cabinets are not standardized. With us, you have absolute freedom of choice:

Do you need to store coats, long dresses or just shirts?

The visible parts of the cabinet can be lacquered in any shade or made of natural veneer. Even the materials of the inner body can vary. Do you like the colour or do you prefer wood design? At Le bon showroom, you can even see a wardrobe in an unusual leather look.

Le bon specialties

Neatly stored clothes and accessories save a lot of time and stress every morning.

The interior lighting of the cabinet switches on each time the door is opened.

The drawer with a glass ceiling is well-arranged and beautiful at the same time.

We produce pull-out trouser hangers by hand and to measure.

You can store your shoe collection in the pull-out shelf at the bottom of the wardrobe.

When we make a design of the whole room, the wardrobes can seamlessly blend with the rest of the interior. Like in this Hill house.

Are you interested in our wardrobes? Would you like one for your interior? Arrange the meeting in Le bon showroom in Brno by email or phone.


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