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With the complete trust of clients, working on the interior design of a new house is fun for both parties and the result is obvious.

The couple decided to radically change their current lifestyle, spending most of their free time maintaining a house with a huge garden. They did not hesitate to sell the house with all the equipment and moved to the other side of the Czech Republic, to South Bohemia, to a smaller one.

As years ago we successfully designed and implemented the reconstruction of the interior of their original house, with which they were satisfied, we were asked again to design the interior of their new house.

This project was exceptional, among other things, because after the sale of the old house, the owners moved to Spain for half a year, while their new house was still being built. They gave us freedom in design and production. They just wanted to return from vacation to the finished interior and be pleasantly surprised. That takes courage, doesn't it?

And how did it turn out?

Jaroslav and Jana J. wrote us:

" Le bon, it was love at first sight. After a very successful reconstruction of our old house five years ago, it was clear that the interior of our new house could not be done by anyone else.

We requested the design of the complete house, including the terrace and garage. The great advantage of Le bon is the complexity: they can design, manufacture and install.

Most of our friends did not understand at all that we left the country for half a year and we do not take part in the implementation of the interior. That we don't know what the house is going to look like. But only we knew that it would be not only beautiful but also practical in terms of everyday use and that the design would be with a big D. Although we knew from the previous project that Le bon does amazing things, during our first steps in the new house it was clear to us that this was really successful and that it exceeded all our expectations. Every detail is thoughtful, makes sense, and creates a wonderful complex in which beauty is combined with practicality and great utility value.

If I had to mention a negative feature, all I can think about is that Le bon is like an addictive drug. You try once and you can't stop. And it also deprived me of a lot of sleep in the first months, because when my wife goes to bed, I walk around the house and I can't get enough of all those views of the interior, which is more of a design exhibition.

We spend most of our time in the kitchen, in the living room, and especially on the terrace, which Le bon did well. It's such an outdoor living room. And when I talk about the living room, there's another one, the bathroom. Showering here is a reward :-)

The only thing we're a little sorry for is that we probably won't be building another house. Somehow we got used to the fact that Le bon belongs in our lives. "



We used gold on the entire island and the worktop with the backsplash in the kitchen. They are made of durable glass with a satin finish, pleasant to the touch. And then there's the blue. Blue as the surface of the surrounding water ponds, as the summer sky.

As the couple loves cooking, there is a Bora cooktop with integrated ventilation. It is more efficient than any conventional hood located above the head. Although the building was already ready for the ventilation outlet under the ceiling, it was possible to bring the pipes from the island to the original outlet in the side wall. The reward is an unobstructed view from the island to the dining table and further into the garden, low ventilation noise, and efficient capture of all grease during cooking.



For a lady:

For a gentleman:

Two bedrooms are similar, with equipment tailored to the needs and hobbies of their inhabitants.



The vanity unit in the main bathroom is also in golden shade. In the original project, there was to be a bathtub in the bathroom, which we "got rid of" and thus a generous and well-arranged space was created. We also moved the washing machine and dryer to the closet of the adjoining guest room.



There is a large-format Italian wallpaper Tecnografica with a geometric pattern on the wall.



The bench on the terrace is shaded by a larch wood pergola.



In addition to practical requirements, we had the freedom to design color combinations. The owners like our philosophy that each room should be a little different and should be able to surprise. Each room here has a distinctive character, with details that run throughout the house, such as the integrated handles or metal structures.

The main color here is gold, complemented by earthy tones. Wood appears on the furniture only in the form of a small accent.


It is worth noting that the owners brought from the original house only so many things that would fit in the trunk of their car. Nothing else, really nothing. Neither bed linen, towels, nor crockery. It takes courage, but the reward is an invaluable feeling of freedom.




Contact us and together we will create an extraordinary interior.




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