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This project was made in cooperation with the architectural studio AAYE.

New building with a garden in the outskirts of the big town. An ideal place to relax after the daily hustle.

The idea was to have a bright, light and elegant interior, made of quality materials, in a minimalist design.

The whole apartment is intertwined with white matt lacquer, natural ash veneer and Carrara marble. This combination of materials is most evident in the main living space, consisting of the kitchen and living room. The center of the kitchen is an island made of Carrara marble. Notice how perfectly the individual stone panels fit together. The island is connected to an ash veneer dining table and chairs of the same material. The dining table space is illuminated by original lights from the Czech brand Bomma. The main part of the kitchen has a worktop made of tempered glass. Fingerprints do not stick to the surface. This worktop is easy to maintain. The kitchen has a hob with an efficient Bora extractor.

High cabinets are made of ash veneer in combination with solid vertical laths. The structure of the laths disrupts the uniformity and adds individuality and kindness to the room. In the living area, the same materials are used as in the kitchen, thus creating a harmonious unity. A soft sofa with an armchair overlooking the garden makes this place the perfect place to relax.


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