Countertops are a popular solution for every bathroom. That is why you will find them in several Le bon lines.

Why would you need a countertop in your bathroom?

If the washbasin is smaller than the countertop, you will get extra storage. A countertop washbasin is a
clever solution: if it gets damaged over the years, you can replace it without having to replace the entire furniture unit.

You can combine it with vanity units of different finishes and widths. Along its entire length or only its part.

Countertop material

We produce countertops in many finishes to suit the different bathroom styles – lacquered, veneer or solid wood can be found in NEXT line, water resistant compact laminate or Corian® can be found in FOREVER line.

Veneer and solid wood surfaces are impregnated with oil with admixed wax, the latter penetrating deep into the material and thus protecting it.

Countertop sizes

The countertops are always bespoke, in the required width. The countertop's thickness is 9.1 cm to fit a hidden support, its depth is always 50cm. Washbasin or possibly also tap cut-outs are made where necessary to allow precise fitting of the chosen washbasin.