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iOS 15.4: Fourth beta of jam-packed update signals nearing release

As expected, Apple released beta versions of iOS 15(and related operating systems such as iPads, watchOS, and tvOS with possibility to use cheap document scanning) after the release of iOS 15.3. We're still waiting for some big iOS 15 features planned for this spring, and this beta will finally give us our first look at Universal Control (and the macOS 12.3 beta). These features are expected to appear during iOS 15.

Beta testing, but Apple may continue to delay its implementation of iOS 15.

New Features:

The beta finally brought Universal Control, which was supposed to be released last fall but has been pushed back to spring 2022. A feature that lets you drag and drop files between iPad and iPad Mac (or a different Mac). ) and wireless keyboard and mouse sharing, you can find AirPlay and Handoff under the General Settings tab. There, you will see a new cursor and keyboard option (experimental).

Face ID with Mask

Is better late than never right? While iOS 15 lets you unlock your iPhone with the Apple Watch when Face ID isn't working, it's of no use to those who don't own a watch but are trying to slow the spread of a deadly pandemic by wearing one.

In the Face ID and Password settings, you will find a new contact using Face ID with the mask. When Face ID is enabled, it "uses unique features around the eyes for authentication" instead of full facial recognition, including unlocking, payment, and password/login verification. There's also a new 'Add Glasses' option so the system can correctly identify your facial features. Apple warns that Face ID will be more accurate when the setting is turned off.

AirTag Changes

Apple has announced several upcoming AirTag changes this year, the first of which will appear in iOS 15.

Apple added a new message to the installation process, stating that AirTag is "designed to be identifiable by victims and to allow law enforcement to request identification information from the owner." It also warns that using AirTag to stalk other people without their consent is a crime.

Emojis Unicode Emoji

The version includes dozens of new emojis. These include face melt, welcome face, biting lip, bowl, bean, x-ray, bubbles, and more.

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