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Power Ark Engineering (PAE) is an Engineering Consultancy firm in Bangladesh. We support to supplying Engineering equipment. PAE is one of the leading Export, Import & distributor companies in Bangladesh. We have authorized distributors of the different renowned companies in the world. We supply Lightning Protection System, Elevator, All type Electrical drawing design & Installation, Sub-Station, Generator, Solar System, PLC, Fire Detection & Protection System, different types of Machinerys Equipments in Power plant, Garments, Textile, Environment & Compliance related Products as like ETP & STP Blower, Chemical Dosing Pump, Pump, Sludge Dewatering Machine, Automatic Screening Machine, Air Diffuser, Automatic Chemical Dosing System, Agitator, Water & Stream Flow lightning protection system in Bangladesh Meter, Chemical Spill Kits, Secondary Containment, Acid/Chemical Resistant Hand Gloves, Eye Wash Basin with Safety Shower, Safety Belt, Ear Muff, Gum Boot, Safety Shoe, Safety Belt, Respiratory Mask, Safety helmet & Synthetic Hose Pipe, life jacket All type safety equipment, Access Control & Attendance System, Audio Visual Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, Metal Detector System, Archway Gate, Baggage Scanner etc. Power ark engineering is committed to providing quality Products, Competitive prices and reliable after-sales service.



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