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Engineering Homework Help: Reporting and Resolving

Testing process throws up several observations. At times, the large testing exercise raising several hundred test readings is not uncommon. According to homework helper free due to this large number as also the potential nature of the individual observation that may turn out to be an apple of discord; there are some precautions to be taken. But for several differences of opinions deteriorating the relationship between the developers and testers, ultimately spoiling the project atmosphere, quality and deadline.

The first and foremost is to decide upon the approach of the recording the problem areas. One opinion is that developer and tester go in synch so that whenever some problem area is spotted, it could be shown to the developer then and there itself. According to answers to homework service the second option is that the tester goes ahead in solo (that is more near to real life), which means that he/she has to preserve all the details of each problem area, so that the error could be explained neatly with particulars to the developer and if necessary, even re-run to demonstrate how actually the error crops up.

In either case, according to studydaddy the tester has to maintain following details for each problem area detected:

1. Details about logical location in the software, showing where exactly the error cropped up. Starting from general menus, sub-menus, options, it must pinpoint to the related dialogue box and within that say, the specific field expecting user input.

2. Exact user trigger, like precise value of data entered, or key presses or mouse clicks etc.

3. Elaborate details on the response given by the software, like wrong value flashed, or unexpected behaviour exhibited, etc.

4. Complete mapping between actual result and expected result demonstrating the gap between the two.

5. Reference to any other error message/error file/log generated by software.

6. If possible, the screen dump and/or printed copy of the report should be taken with due annotations to clarify the faults.

7. In case of a large testing exercise, there may be many such problem areas and therefore a neat tabulation is required for all of them, shown one per row with details in columns like say, location, error nature supporting exhibits of screen dump or print copy, etc.

8. The format of such tabulation should be decided mutually well in advance.

Resolving methods may also be discussed and finalized at the start of the testing exercise, since the authority to settle and the report on several such problem areas might be put up to such an authority only periodically.

It needs to be noted that this is not a prescriptive account of how the testing issues are reported and resolved, nonetheless, it would give a fair idea to readers about how the testing is taken to its logic end.

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