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The counter is clad with ceramics. It is absolutely number one in durability!

The ceramic surface is completely non-porous and non-absorbent, there are no traces of use and scratches on it. It is resistant to high temperatures and pleasant to the touch. It comes in several shades.

The interior of the kitchen is at least as important as the exterior - that's why we chose the pull-outs with PUSH opening. Open them comfortably with your knee when your hands are wet, for example. The sideboard consists of boxes made of durable laminate.

License plate LE BON: ultra-thin drawer bodies. Once you see them, you won't want another one. We used veneer from old oak wood to make the kitchen. The cracked surface and distinctive knots will delight all old lovers and lovers of contrasts. We also took care of the interior equipment of tall cabinets: a lot of extra shelves are on the doors, the space of the cabinets is divided into many boxes and drawers.

How do you like leather loops and pocket?


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