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We made this kitchen according to the design of Dodetailu architectural studio.


“The angled floor plan and expanding irregular space were relatively difficult task.

The first corner was used for the dining table. A bench was placed in this space, allowing the growing family to sit comfortably and spend time together.

An important function is performed by the island, which balances the irregularity of the space and follows it with its abstract shape. In its overhanging part there is a sitting area.

The horizontal of the long space passing from the kitchen to the living area is broken by high kitchen modules.

The key property of the whole design is the purity, function and combination of veneer materials with white."

Ing. arch. Iveta Křížová, Dodetailu



The dominant feature of the kitchen is an irregular island, copying the non-traditional floor plan of the whole house. The ultra-thin matt compact laminate worktop in combination with bleached oak veneer gives the kitchen a minimalist and elegant look. It is durable and easy to maintain. The fingerprints do not stick fingerprints on the worktop.

The island is sufficiently illuminated by a discreet pendant lamp, making the space above the worktop pleasantly free and airy. Instead of an oldfashioned ceiling extractor hood, there is a BORA extractor integrated into the cooktop . We installed it flush with the worktop.

The overlap of the island top allows for "bar" seating. There is a built-in wireless charger. Away with the cables!

Perfectly bleached oak

We additionally bleached the veneer of the front surfaces to achieve the same shade as kitchen wooden floor. The handleless opening of drawers and doors emphasizes the simple design.

Dining corner

The dining table is made of the same material as the kitchen top. The entire corner area is cladded with wood panels up to the ceiling.

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↓ Play a short video showing the assembly of this kitchen ↓


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