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The master bedroom and bathroom create a generous space with very little furniture. The bathroom is divided from the bedroom by a glass wall. The matt grey and black colours used in the kitchen provide a welcome contrast to the oak floor and concrete walls. The water-resistant concrete made splashback unnecessary. A subtle cooking island with a glass cooktop and gold-lacquered metal structure is not anchored to the floor and can be moved upon request. A Bora extractor is integrated in the cooktop and does not clutter the space above your head.

Electric sockets in a panel placed by the cooktop are really handy if you need to use a handheld food processor. A tall glass cabinet separates the kitchen from the living space with a sofa and a fireplace.

The dining table has a so-called natural edge. The wooden board comes from the mid-section of an oak stem. Each piece is unique and with a different edge, depending on the environment the tree grew in. Its structure is an open book which tells you about the trees past, the amount of water it had and how fast it grew, or it shows traces of wildlife activity. Children bedrooms combine neutral grey with solid wood on desks and bed frames. Most furniture is bespoke, the bathrooms contain furniture from the Le bon Next line.


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