work from anywhere

"Nomads are communities of people whose way of life prefers constant nomadism from one place to another over settled life in one place."



NOMAD was nominated for Best Furniture at Designblok 2020.


The author of the design of the NOMAD collection is the excellent designer Jiří Pelcl.




The worktop can be easily folded and the entire space can be closed or locked. NOMAD is on wheels, so you can easily move it from room to room. Will you change the house? NOMAD can change the house with you.

Shelves at the top and storage space in the door and under the table can hold many files and documents. Soft felt muffles the sound and serves as a notice-board.

NOMAD is both practical and beautiful. In addition to the walnut wood veneer shown, NOMAD can be produced in any other wood.

To connect the LED lighting and electrical sockets, simply plug NOMAD in a 220V socket.




Mobile container for those who do not want a fixed work table. You can work from anywhere! In a comfortable chair, at the desk or in bed. The container can be easily moved around the apartment or the office. All the working materials are stored in one place. Get space to store everything you are working with at the moment. The pencils will not wander anywhere if you place them in the prepared loops. The spacious drawer can be locked.

We produce NOMAD2 in any shade of lacquer or in a natural wood veneer.




The smallest piece from the collection. Parked under your desk at work, it hides a gym bag or a pair of slippers. The rounded solid wood handle is pleasant to the touch. Consult us about the most suitable shade of lacuer or wood.