The young couple had approached Le bon with the request for ​​a white kitchen. After visiting Brno showroom, however, everything has changed:
As there is enough natural light in the house, the kitchen space, despite the use of dark colors, looks airy and light.
The furniture uses old oak veneer with a unique structure, made by recycling of old
oak beams. Black and gray surfaces made of durable compact laminate are easy to maintain and do not show fingerprints.
The metal construction with shelves is be the first to attract attention in the kitchen.
The worktop is made of glass with a satin surface.
Besides the doors, the island has several other storage spaces: an open niche, a small wooden drawer and a space for herbs.
The robust cabinet serves as a pantry with the shelves located on the doors as well.
By opening the door, all the wire baskets slide forward - all stored food is thus easily accessible.
This is how the owners evaluate the cooperation with Le bon: The fitting process was a joy to behold. All the workmen are skilled, well-trained and worked tirelessly.

Deadlines were not postponed, the kitchen was fitted as agreed and when the workers left, the room was clean and the kitchen impeccably fitted. Our thanks go to all of you, your products are truly beautiful – beautiful functional design, craftsmanship and the materials all combined! We love living with them. We send greetings to Brno and we wish many satisfied clients to Le bon.