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Get surrounded by fresh, crisp and inspirational environment and find everyday joie de vivre. Ask your furniture for more than purely its function. Ask for a soulful interior which speaks to you every day, whether you are at home or in your office. It is a fact that life is better in a pleasant environment. We will create the very environment which fits you like a glove.



Solid oak board with live edge with high cabinets from the MOOD collection made of the same material. The consoles also serve as towel rails. We made a simple round mirror with backlight to order.



Pastel tones of blue and pink combined with subtle metal structures. Plentiful space for study and play. The bed-cum-house has a pull-out bed which offers comfortable place to sleep. The desk has a practical storage box by the wall and is connected with an airy bookcase. The connecting detail of metal constructions can be seen throughout the house.

Used materials: HPL laminate, metal, leather



The flat is situated in a listed town house from the late 19 th century close to the city centre. The house has been beautifully refurbished under the supervision of A77 ARCHITEKTI architect studio. The newly restored housing boasts high-quality standard furnishings and materials. The open-plan room includes a fitted kitchen with a statement cooking island made of Corian®. The kitchen contains a part which can be closed off, which will make the whole room look tidy even if visitors surprise you in the middle of cooking. Considering the fact that the kitchen is part of an open- plan living room, it was necessary to address the issue of cooking odours and vapours. Choosing a high-quality Bora cooktop with integrated extractor proved to be an answer to this problem. An oakwood dining table made from a single piece of wood is another statement piece within the living space. The table has retained rawness and irregularity, which gives it uniqueness and elegance of a natural element.

Owing to the fact that storage is scarce throughout the flat, the master bedroom was designed in the shape of a massive fitted wardrobe which contains a oak-panelled niche with a bed. The second bedroom follows a similar design solution, but a statement olive-green wall lends it a distinctive look. A bed with a rattan headboard is complemented with oak tree stump bedside tables.

The project successfully dealt with even the most minute detail thank to the spirit of creative collaboration and mutual trust between the investor and us.



The dressing table will be enjoyed in the bathroom or bedroom. It can also be integrated into a Corian countertop next to the washbasin.



The master bedroom and bathroom create a generous space with very little furniture. The bathroom is divided from the bedroom by a glass wall. The matt grey and black colours used in the kitchen provide a welcome contrast to the oak floor and concrete walls. The water-resistant concrete made splashback unnecessary. A subtle cooking island with a glass cooktop and gold-lacquered metal structure is not anchored to the floor and can be moved upon request. A Bora extractor is integrated in the cooktop and does not clutter the space above your head.

Electric sockets in a panel placed by the cooktop are really handy if you need to use a handheld food processor. A tall glass cabinet separates the kitchen from the living space with a sofa and a fireplace.

The dining table has a so-called natural edge. The wooden board comes from the mid-section of an oak stem. Each piece is unique and with a different edge, depending on the environment the tree grew in. Its structure is an open book which tells you about the trees past, the amount of water it had and how fast it grew, or it shows traces of wildlife activity. Children bedrooms combine neutral grey with solid wood on desks and bed frames. Most furniture is bespoke, the bathrooms contain furniture from the Le bon Next line.



We would like to present you our favourite interior. In the course of a complete rehaul we opened up the existing space with too many walls. We pulled down all partitions and erected a single furniture partition wall which contains storage spaces and conceals all wiring and pipes. Large-scale surfaces show off the natural structure of oak veneer to its best. We designed the kitchen in hardwearing ultra-
matt laminate with a satin finish which does not show fingerprints. The kitchen was fitted with BORA downdraft extractor. The space above the cooks had is therefore free and so is the view to the living area.
Since the house has rounded walls, we designed rounded edge furniture to complement them. A double-sided fireplace connects the living room with the bedroom. A bespoke eclectic sofa combines several seemingly disparate patterns and textures. The sofa offers generous sleeping space for guests. A double-sided bioethanol fireplace was built in the wall which divides the bedroom and the living space. The bathroom and toilets are separated by a partition from wired glass. All doors in the flat are ceiling-high and sliding.



We changed the apartment in the center of Brno beyond recognition. The interior is dominated by proven white, oak and shades of earthy and blue. The storage spaces are inconspicuous, the details are typical of LE BON.



1st bathroom

The narrow space of the 1st bathroom required non-standard furniture with a small depth. The Corian cover plate has a matt surface, pleasant to the touch, is waterproof and easy to maintain. The thin-walled ceramic washbasins of the Italian brand Valdama are also matt. We used solid oak for the fronts, used on the floors in the rest of the apartment.

The drawers can be easily opened with a knee thanks to the Push open.

2nd bathroom

Notice the toilet paper niches at the side of the cupboard and the generous storage space behind the mirrors.
The furniture was created in collaboration with architect Radek Sládeček.



God is in the detail.

Recessed handles with contrasting background make for a tiny but instantly recognizable detail. We are particularly fond of this type of handles. Nothing sticks out from the doors and the material used at the background usually ties the furniture with the rest of the interiors colour scheme.

The meticulously crafted details indicate that the owners put a lot of effort into furnishing their home…



An awesome desk with a metal construction, bed with an integrated bookshelf. Immaculate taste can be honed from an early childhood, for example by getting used to these colour-contrasting recessed handles.



Everything in this flat has its own place. It is pared down, yet luxurious. Throughout the interior we opted for the following materials: teak and oak veneer, white matt lacquer, compact laminate, glass and even leather. Tall doors slide smoothly and silently into the wooden panelling, hidden storage spaces mingle with open one. A table made by LE BON is complemented by TON chairs. The TV can be concealed behind a sliding wall made in collaboration with RAW design studio. The office desk is made of glass and compact laminate. Both surfaces are durable, pleasant to touch and low maintenance. BORA cooktop extractor provides fresh air during cooking. The bathroom is fitted with standard LE BON furniture from the Forever line.



Thanks to the glass bases, the coffee tables float above the floor.

The same detail is repeated on the dining table in the kitchen.


Leather, solid wood and matt lacquered surfaces blend seamlessly throughout the entire house. The bedroom is no exception. Starting your day at a vanity table and choosing your outfit from a soft leather pouf somehow seems better than the usual morning hustle and bustle…



LE BON Forever furniture made from thin water-resistant laminate and satin glass drawer fr