Glass kitchen worktops

12. 9. 2018

The materials we use in the Le bon inspiring kitchens are always carefully personally tested. We like to cook ourselves and there are several functional kitchens in our showroom, so it would be a sin not to prepare lunch at work. This way we can test the properties of all materials on our own. We know which worktop is the easiest to clean, and we can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the choice of surfaces for your own kitchen.

Our favorite worktop is glass.

No fingerprints can be seen on the matt surface; all cooking residues can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth without any smudges. These worktops are very hard and hard to damage.

Let us list more valuable properties of glass? … Worktops can be lacquered in any colour, so the kitchen design is limitless. Le bon glass worktops do not have a greenish shade, typical for glass, so the chosen colour will excel perfectly. Come and see the glass worktops personally in showroom in Brno on Zábrdovická 16 street.

Metal, grey varnish and old wood veneer