properties of wooden furniture


13. 3. 2019

People often think that when they invest in natural veneer furniture, which is more expensive, they no longer have to take care about it. Unfortunately that is not true. The higher price of wooden furniture is due to its unique structure and  originality. Moreover, wooden furniture is pleasant to touch and its surfaces age naturally.

It doesn’t matter that furniture does not look exactly the same as we bought it after years. On the contrary, it reminds us of what our family has experienced in our home during past years…

René Novák, the owner of Le bon, often responds to the question about the durability of wooden furniture by the example: What do you prefer? Leather shoes or rubber boots? The rubber boots are great, they are cheap and waterproof, but nobody wears them every day.  Everybody prefers leather shoes…

Le bon furniture has all the wooden surfaces treated with a special oil – wax mixture that penetrates into the material and protects it. The protective layer can be washed out of both massive and veneered cover plates with frequent wiping with a too wet cloth. Therefore, after a few years, we recommend restoring the surface with a repair kit, which you can buy by us.

You will find natural veneer furniture in VIPP, Next, Forever, Dream Top, Spaces or SOUL ranges.

Solid oak tops for countertop washbasins can be found in the Next range.

Do you arrange, reconstruct, or just want to give your interior a new look? Whatever your options are, it’s always important to focus on furniture, specifically on its quality and durability.

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