New bathroom furniture COMPACT – simple, elegant and easy to maintain

4. 2. 2019

Beauty in simplicity.

Beauty lies in simplicity. We have designed waterproof bathroom furniture Compact according this idea. Anyone who has ever wondered how to equip a bathroom knows how difficult it is to decide: “Do we want furniture that will be practical and easy to maintain or something more stylish?” After many years of designing kitchens and bathrooms we know how very important is the practical, visually simple yet elegant quality of a product. We decided to focus on this and create furniture that meets all of these requirements at one.
Easy maintenance
Make furniture according to yourself. How? Compact furniture offers many possibilities. Compact laminate is waterproof and you will not see any smudges, dry droplets of water or fingerprints on its surface. The furniture can even be placed next to the bathtub.
Ceramic washbasins made in Italy are beautifully thin and sit perfectly on vanities.
COMPACT offers ceramic washbasins in four different widths (60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm) and several different finishes. Its simple shape also fits into every bathroom.
Elegance & velvety touch
COMPACT bathroom furniture is made of 6mm thin material with bevelled edges joints. Reliable HETTICH full-drawers have a lifetime warranty. The cabinets feature delicate handles. The surface is pleasant to touch.

Do you require more info about COMPACT bathroom furniture?
Or do you want to see and touch its velvety surfaces?
Write to Klara Novakova (novakova@lebon.cz). Or come to our showroom.