Metal details in the interior of your home


16. 11. 2018

Metal structures are becoming more and more frequently used in Czech bathrooms and kitchens. We believe you will love them too.

The metal elements are both subtle and solid. They can be painted in any shade. Metal creates a welcome contrast to natural veneer or varnished surfaces.

As Le Bon kitchens are often fitted with Bora hoods, there is plenty of space above the worktop. It’s up to the client’s needs and our imagination to handle the space. We combine metal structures above the worktop with other materials: Shelves can be veneered, in the same shade as other kitchen furniture. Such a shelf can have integrated LED lamps on the underside.

Shelves can also be made of a different material that contrasts with the metal frame. The combination of metal and wire glass is popular. Wire glass shelves are solid and, from the bottom view, there is an excellent overview of all stored items.

We certainly do not have to remind you of the fact that all Le bon metal constructions are tailored to the specific space. Metal structures are a luxury complement to modern kitchens.

Metal partition walls can be used as an optical divider for any room. Such partitions are fitted with boxes of various sizes, which can be moved to change the shape of the entire wall.

Metal elements also belong to bathroom furniture. Le Bon has now incorporated a metal base into the assortment. The set of washbasins is closer to the classic chest of drawers.

Note the high metal Solitaire shelf with integrated cabinets, drawers and small boxes for the bathroom necessities. You can find many details in the ranges of Le bon bathroom furniture, especially in the form of handles on high cabinets and the niche mirror cabinets.

Here are the metal details made in our workshop:

lebon-kovove-prvky-brno-kuchyneMetal, grey varnish and old wood veneerlebon-kovove-prvky-brno-kuchynelebon-kovove-prvky-brno-kuchynelebon-kovove-prvky-brno-kuchynelebon-kovove-prvky-brno-kuchynelebon-kovove-prvky-brno-kuchynelebon-kovove-prvky-brno-koupelnykuchynelebon-kovove-prvky-brno-koupelny