Flat in Ostrava

During the complete reconstruction was the existing space with many walls opened to the maximum.

All the walls have been taken out, we have built only one furniture partition wall, which contains storage spaces and covers pipes and wiring. On a large surface, the natural walnut veneer structure excels. Kitchen furniture has been designed from a durable ultra-matt laminate with a velvety surface where fingerprints are not visible. The kitchen is fitted with a BORA extractor enabling uninerupted view to the living area.

Because the house has rounded walls, we have designed bent edges  on the partition wall and the furniture.

An eclectic sofa made to measure for this space combines several seemingly inconsistent patterns and textures. The seats can be separated from the backrests and serve as generous sleep for guests. The wall between the bedroom and the living area features a fireplace.

The bathroom and the toilet are separated by a wired glass wall.

All the floor-to-ceiling doors in the apartment are sliding.